Start Using These Ways To Reduce Anxiety In Your Life

Reduce anxiety in your life

Everyone becomes stressed out more often these days. There are different methods so start using these ways to reduce anxiety in your life. This short article includes some ideas that can help reduce stress and tension.

End clenching your teeth by consciously relaxing your jaw bone. Close your eyes, clench your teeth as you breathe in, then on an exhale release the clench.

Doing yoga and reduce stress in your life

Exercise is a great stress reliever whether it’s a gentle stroll in the park, a visit to the gym, running or cycling. The social & comradeship experience in team games or sports are particularly good for lifting the mood & releasing stress. Exercise helps to reduce your body’s stress hormones & release endorphins, the feel good chemicals in your body.

Take time to relax and unwind. This should be as important as working hours, mealtimes & sleep. Make time to do the things you enjoy, whether it’s reading, sport, socialising with friends or treating yourself to a salon.

Talking about your worries and stress may help to reduce the anxiety in your life too. This can be with friends, family or religious minister. There are also trained therapist available if you would prefer to talk to a professional. Some people like to write a journal. This helps to air your thoughts & stresses, the positive and the negative. It can be quite cathartic to write about the things you are happy with or grateful for, and the things that’s are causing stress that you wish to change.

Getting a good night sleep can certainly help reducing stress & tiredness during the day. This may be easier said than done. There are a few strategies that can help with regulating your sleep pattern. Excluding caffeine 6 hours before bedtime, don’t under or over eat before bedtime & create a restful sleep environment. If possible don’t work on your laptop from your bed. Switch off all devices before you sleep. Try listening to sleep meditations or stories for sleep, there are several apps available.

Music an be a great stress reliever and reduce anxiety in your life, as you can listen whilst doing any activity. Make a playlist from your favourite tunes. Listen to something energising & uplifting whilst getting ready for work in the morning, on your daily commute on public transport or your own car, doing housework, cooking or other chores. This can really help to lift your mood.

Burning a scented candle or using essential oils can also reduce anxiety and stress. Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood or Geranium are particularly soothing.

Laughing and smiling is a wonderful way to minimise stress. This may mean watching your favourite comedy shows on TV or spending time with uplifting friends and family.

Spending time with animals particularly with your pets can have a positive effect on your mood. Having pets provides companionship, unconditional love and in the case of dogs and horses, plenty of exercise!

These are just a few strategies to help manage your stress levels and reduce anxiety in your life. Remember you are not alone, there are self-help strategies, internet resources and professionals out there to help and guide you.


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